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SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 25, 2016 — AERNOW, a global platform for rendering immersive live experiences, announced today its partnership with IDEAS+CARS concurrent with the launch of its eSports distribution platform bridging the divide between virtual and reality. The AerNow and IDEAS+CARS partnership will utilize AerNow technology to enable eSports gamers and creators to seamlessly capture, create and publish immersive digital experiences.

“As demand in the market continues to grow, the AerNow platform is ideally suited to aggregate disparate pieces into a homogeneous, next generation entertainment-focused eSports experience,” said Darren Cox, Chief Maverick Officer of IDEAS+CARS, a company focused on the intersection of motorsports and eSports. “AerNow’s services and their platform support our growth strategy and this will be a significant technology partnership.”

“AerNow’s platform for the frictionless capture, contribution and synchronization of rich media, IoT and data, enables harmonized and immersive global experiences,” noted Erik Davis, executive chairman. “Customers are able to take advantage of AerNow’s content ingest , video servers, network access points and real-time operating system CLOE to provide frame-by-frame synchronization and customized data visualization. And we have only just begun.”

Providing this turnkey solution as a service enables IDEAS+CARS to focus on its core business: creating innovative, lean-forward experiences that meet the growing demands of sponsors and brands hungry for the engagement of their growing audience.

“AerNow has developed automated workflow solutions for data visualization, scoring, ranking, live and VoD experiences in eSports.  There is a movement to better organize and regulate the eSports industry, but these efforts are at an early stage with no authority or standards yet established,” says Darcy Lorincz, CTO at AerNow. “Our eSports platform is a path toward setting those standards, solving issues related to quality of service and engagement for real-time, on-demand contests while integrating sponsorship and branding to provide monetization capabilities to all stakeholders.”

Both AerNow and Darren Cox have been first-hand witnesses to the impact eSports has had on motorsports. Darren Cox was the founder of “GT Academy,” a global video game contest that pitted gamers against each other to compete to become real-world race drivers. AerNow, partnered with Always Evolving Motorsports, owns the race team supporting driver Bryan Heitkotter, the first American winner of the GT Academy. Bryan has become a respected world-class driver, placing fifth in the 2016 Pirelli World Challenge season series for GT3 class. Darren Cox has also recently launched the eSPORTS+CARS virtual racing team. These two companies will continue to collaborate to innovate and push the boundaries of eSports.

ABOUT AERNOW: AerNow powers brands and content producers to create new value through innovative visual experiences. A unified platform for managing, distributing and monetizing live and on-demand content, AerNow lets creators and publishers activate audiences through immersive apps, integrated data and user-controlled viewing across web, mobile and set-top devices. With software and hardware spanning the entire “glass to glass” content capture, management and distribution process, AerNow provides an unprecedented unified solution that vastly simplifies and enhances the way visual content is created and consumed. For more info, visit

ABOUT IDEAS+CARS: IDEAS+CARS is an un-agency – a group of passionate and professional collaborators that have extensive experience in delivering exceptional IDEAS in the CAR world. The founder, Darren Cox, has 41 years of experience in the industry. He and his collaborators share the same views on how to deliver content and ideas. IDEAS+CARS excel at strategy, brand building, gaming, motorsport, content and activation. For more info, visit

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