The Big (IoT) Bang

Oct 12, 2015By Chris DolanBlog Posts

30 billion IoT devices by 2020. That’s where most projections for connected devices shake out: we’ll be connected to, and through, around 4.25 IoT “things” per person on the planet … Read More

Healthy Innovation

Sep 28, 2015By Chris DolanBlog Posts

We talk about “live events and experiences,” and often also entertainment. The “entertainment” part is easy to understand. After all, “filmed content” alone will generate US$104.62 billion in value by … Read More

The Start Line

Jul 16, 2015By Chris DolanBlog Posts

This industry we’re in is moving so fast it seems even defining “this industry we’re in” changes day to day. Looking at everything in the ecosystem surrounding live events, we’re thinking in new ways…