It’s a big world. And it’s full of music – the kind you want to experience firsthand even if you can’t be in the right place at the right time.

Next Saturday, when the fifteen-band lineup of Self Help Festival lights up the crowd in San Bernadino, CA, they’ll face an audience reaching beyond the boundaries of even the largest concert venue. Powered by AerNow, fans everywhere will be able to immerse themselves in the Self Help Fest experience as easily as opening an app on their mobile phone.

This is way beyond “watch the live stream.” With AerNow, Self Help Fest fans will be able to choose the views that showcase their favorite bands best, whether from the “Director’s Cut” captured by the official cameras or the three POV cameras we’ll have on stage, mounted to each band’s preferences.

Imagine being able to switch between an audience shot, a full-stage span, or a closeup on, say, that epic drum solo – the view you want – from a mile, a state, or several continents away.

It’s big news. Self Help Fest’s lineup wins millions of fans worldwide. With AerNow, any of them can jump in on all-new access to the music and excitement the day will deliver.

Self Help Festival is offering this experience at no charge. Other event producers will use AerNow to expand ticket sales beyond geographic boundaries, bring sponsor or other information into the app, or host VOD archives that attract viewers back after the show is over.

This is only the beginning. We’ll share more about what happened and who tuned in after the show is over – but meanwhile, if you want to join the Self Help Fest viewing party on Saturday, March 19, click here and you’ll enter the gates, so to speak. First band starts at 1:30 PST and the sound will continue late into the night. We hope you’ll stop by to experience this early look at AerNow.

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More on Self Help Fest on their FAQ page, here.

Dave Fisch

Dave Fisch

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