Live events keep getting better. Star-spangled lineups, beautiful venues, social momentum that adds to the buzz: before the show and once the gates open, live experiences are all about building a thrill. Add a surprise experience from an unexpected superstar and these moments become the stuff of legend.

But not for everyone. Event sponsors’ work seems to be getting harder as events take on new dimensions. As the opportunity grows (the groundswell – economic and experiential – continues to rise) the job of breaking through the noise gets harder and more costly. It’s like chasing a moving target and never quite catching up.

While online engagement gets more trackable and understandable, live events remain the “leaky buckets” they’ve been all along. And “leap of faith” marketing simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Sponsors have never been able to gauge the ROI for things like splashing their logo all over the main stage. But the uncertainty is more evident than ever as online and mobile continues to evolve. In real life – or at least at real events – sponsors can’t know if event goers are buying their brand of beer, even if there’s a wristband with the brand’s name tied around the hand they’re holding the beer in.

It’s tough on promoters too. Salespeople have no way to justify needing more money from sponsors year over year if sponsors don’t know how their spend is converting to sales, views and engagement.

As an event marketer and adtech innovator, I’ve been grappling with this problem for 20 years. Finally, I see a way to solve it. What we’re working on here puts new enjoyment and experience into the hands of live event fans – while giving sponsors, promoters, and even talent all-new ways of understanding and connecting with their audiences.

Encouraging immersion, tracking engagement, integrating UGC, and bringing a new level of interaction and play to the experience: we’re creating an all-new take on live events and the data that helps us optimize them.

It’s our vision to provide proof of what works, in real time, by quantifying the engagement of each fan and by motivating that engagement through immersive opportunities that simply haven’t existed before. Sponsors can see the active engagement per user by tracking how they engage with the experience in real time, through app interaction, participation in games, content creation and sharing, and even the way they move through an event venue

All this is will happen while the user is living it up. Our platform will elevate the quality of events by enriching users’ experience, and letting audiences participate more immersively and personally than ever before. We’ll deliver a new way to show off, broadcast, and share what a great time they’re having with the rest of the social world.

We like to say we’ll make the live experience “better than being there – even when you’re there.” I can ‘t wait to share more about what we’re working on and how it will change the live event experiences – for that groundswell of fans and followers, and for everyone who participates in this ever-growing ecosystem.

Drop me a line using the form below or email if you’d like to hear more.



Dave Fisch

Dave Fisch

CRO at AerNow
Dave has spent decades helping events, sponsors, talent, and audiences get all they can out of live entertainment. These days you'll find him meeting with producers, brands, venues, and talent, sharing a whole new way of delivering value and engagement.
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