We’re an early stage company with some big dreams. Starting out means digging deep. Every day we think about the steps we need to take as we build our path forward: prioritizing the right work, relationships, tradeoffs, and all of the other decisions people make as they’re building a business.

Thinking about this makes us mindful of the countless people out there who are building their own dreams. Athletes, artists, performers, creators, and others work hard to find the fans who will help their work rise. It’s an always-on challenge and one we think about a lot. In fact, a big part of our vision is about making it easier for rising stars (and major ones) to share their talent with people everywhere.

For them and for us, encouragement in the early days makes a big difference. It fuels your fire at those inevitable tough moments and helps you remember why why you do the things you do.

So as we started our first steps on Instagram a short while back, we noticed one fan who seemed to “get” us in a unique way. Plenty of people “Liked” what we shared (thank you) but this one person commented on specific things that we were sharing not only on Instagram but on our blog.

When we read this follower’s comments, we thought, “Wow…he or she gets us.” It was clear they’d thoughtfully read our blog posts and applied it to their own thinking. We felt a bit humbled…and wowed…that good feeling that we were saying something that made a difference somehow.

Something anyone who has longed to share something good has felt before, right?

Social media being what it is, we reached out to say thanks for the feedback. The good news is they answered back and told us a bit about why they were paying attention. It felt great to hear they understood our vision – and believed in it – from what they’d read so far.

For everyone out there who is working hard to achieve and share their vision, we’re here to connect you with believers, supporters, and followers in all-new ways. When your talent, whether early-days or globally admired, is supported and applauded by your fans in all-new ways, we’ll know our work has been worthwhile.

Meanwhile, we’re thanking you, our early supporters – and especially our first superfan, for the encouragement. Thanks to you, we’re on our way and committed to delivering breakthrough ways to connect people everywhere to the events and experiences they enjoy most.

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