Self Help Fest is next Saturday and it’s going to be epic. It’s a top gathering of metal, hardcore, pop punk and other rocking genres, all day long in San Bernadino, CA. 

We hope you can get there in person. Who wouldn’t want to be hit all day long with the power of bands like A Day to Remember, Yelawolf, The Wonder Years, One OK Rock, and more? The lineup is dazzling…hard core as it gets.

But it’s a big world, and San Bernadino is far from a lot of fans’ homes. So we’re bringing Self Help your way, wherever you are, FREE.
And we’re offering something you simply can’t get anywhere else: choosing your view as you watch the show.

That’s right. Simply tap on a camera and you’ll move to that view. #Boom. Looks like this: 

Tap the camera icons and you’ll move from cam to cam – right on stage, wherever the bands want you to see the view.

Where the cameras sit is up to the bands (guitar necks and mics are popular places), but we’ll have three unique POVs for you, along with the full-on official cut – so you decide how you see the show.

Watch it all. Be sure to tune in on Saturday, March 19. The music starts at 1:30 pm PST and blasts through the night.

We hope you’ll join us, wherever you are, for Self Help Fest 2016 …powered by AerNow.
Oh, and tell your friends. We’d love to have them join too:

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Louie Resnick

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