Sometimes you see, hear or read something that makes it clear you’re not alone in seeing broadcast opportunity in an “off-the-usual-path” way.

That’s the hit we got with Vidoenet Editor-in-Chief John Moulding’s weigh-in on what will happen when “live” actually goes live and time delays become a thing of the past.

It’s a topic near to my heart – not to mention my vision of and continuing work in broadcast innovation. The vision John shares is spot on,  at the core of our technology stack and central to our promise of improving the norm in quality of service and experience (QoS, QoE) in live streaming. 

We’re building a world-class technology ecosystem for full-stack, glass-to-glass, real-time media distribution.  Operating system, device integration, data and video processing and user experience: we’re going big here, taking on a true reimagination of what live (and more) can actually be in a time of massive digital disruption.

The aging paradigm of stranded assets on the “capture” end sending packets to CDN networks isn’t doing the job. Evolution won’t fix that. Time for a revolution. Thanks to John for telling this story so well. It’s one of our favorites, and we’ll share more of it soon.

Here’s the article: What it Means for TV When You Can Deliver Live OTT Streams in Perfect Time with Broadcast Signals

Darcy Lorincz

Darcy Lorincz

CTO at AerNow
Darcy has been shaping the future of live broadcast and video innovation for decades. Now, as AerNow's CTO, he's turning a big dream into reality.
Darcy Lorincz