Today we’re thrilled to debut a new corporate name and a new look to go with it.

In the spirit of “always evolving” we are committed to building on the legacy of a leading Motorsports brand while looking to the future of an all-new business vision.

That may sound simple, but developing a company identity that matched that vision was a tall order. And creating something we respected as much as we did the Always Evolving brand – not to mention its logo. To us, the “ae” current hinted at the way we will connect people and events in fluid, all-new ways.

AE Classic

Yet we also knew our company would always look forward, and we wanted a logo and name that pointed to that future. Of course, we wanted to build around the “AE Teal” to honor that part of our heritage. We also wanted a name that made room for the relationships we’ll continue to add to our ecosystem as our business grows.

If you’ve ever been involved in naming a company, you know what a big effort it is. The days of “direct hits” with names that can actually work as a web address seem to over. As we zeroed in on a theme that leveraged our “AE” heritage, we scoured social platforms to see where we could get the right name in its “pure” form. It’s no small feat to find a word you can own across the wide digital and social landscape.

We had one name that we liked all along. As we did all of the required checking and behind-the-scenes research, we were awestruck to find it was available across almost all social channels. This is pretty unusual for a 6-letter name.

As we zeroed in we worked with a stellar design agency, Oakland-based EVB, to explore a visual brand that told our story. We wanted something that pointed to our future – one that suggested “Always Evolving” – while hinting at interconnectivity, IoT, and a bit of “up and to the right.” We wanted to stay friendly, vibrant, and alive in business and consumer applications of the logo (and shine at the track, too).

What we’re sharing today is a name and a logo that can take us everywhere we plan to go. Take a look below. If you think it looks good as-is, wait til you see it animated. First things first – we wanted to share this today – but stay tuned. This logo was made to be alive.

With that: AerNow.


We’re also launching our social profiles. Please follow us as we begin to share updates with larger audiences.

Thank you for being with us at this important milestone. I see the AerNow name and your support helping to guide us forward for all that lies ahead.

Chris Dolan

Chris Dolan

CEO / Co-Founder at AerNow
Chris is CEO / Co-Founder of AerNow, a proven entrepreneur, and an avid fan of motorsports and live entertainment.
Chris Dolan

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