The summer of 2015 will definitely be remembered as game changing when we all look back on it and remember when data meets world. We will remember when The Internet of Things (IoT), the latest name for everything connected, everywhere, brought new meaning and potential to the value of data in many markets. IoT is an all encompassing term that really has 100s of sub-segments that aggregate into a fairly large number $14 Trillion: a large number no matter how you look at it. 28 billion devices connected is also a big number and both of these figures are on he radar in the next 4 years.

When you look through the lens of IoT at certain markets, you can describe it in many ways. In surveillance or law enforcement you might call it Internet of Tactical Things…officers connected with cars, places and operations.

When looking at live entertainment you might call it Internet of Video Things…Video time synchronized with data overlaid in interesting and immersive ways.

Each market and application has its uniques but at some level, in networks, in communication protocols, there need to be standards or at least means of interoperability. The emerging problem amongst the fervor is that major players in many areas have embarked on proprietary protocols and systems to insulate themselves amongst the noise. This is an opportunity for operating and business systems to fill roles and bridging devices, comms, protocols & markets.

The possibilities for efficiency through machine to machine communications and automation are almost limitless. The applications are not just in machines alone. As humans connect with wearables and embedded devices we are ultimately becoming part of this complex fabric of flesh, machines, software and applications.

In media & entertainment the data can form part of the immersive experience. It can also be informative and used for education. The possibilities with Sports training and Sports medicine are already emerging. Major leagues are learning how to protect athletes and how to optimize individuals and teams. Individuals and trainers know where they can push and how far. IBC 2015 was a crossroads of innovations in broadcast, streaming, IP devices, communications, processing, storage and mobile. In many ways what is going on in IOT is reflected in what is happening in Broadcast, News, Sports & Entertainment. Devices, systems, talent, athletes and many more parts of the ecosystem need to be connected to derive efficiencies. The entire market is under pressure and the benefits of IoT are everywhere.

In motorsports, man and machine can both be optimized to work in harmony and that data can make its way from the professional and most challenging environments and applications into the cars we drive and enjoy every day, that protect us and our families as we travel the streets of the world. The power of video and data together is obvious, deriving the two in real-time while synchronizing will create new challenges and opportunities for broadcasters, rights holders, distributors and network operators.

When we remember the summer of 2015 we will recall that this was the start of it all. When all of these constituents, devices and use cases came together and we started seeing them run together in harmony connected the world in new and meaningful ways.


Darcy Lorincz

Darcy Lorincz

CTO at AerNow
Darcy has been shaping the future of live broadcast and video innovation for decades. Now, as AerNow's CTO, he's turning a big dream into reality.
Darcy Lorincz