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New framework integrates video and data into unified distribution architecture

San Francisco, CA – Video, IoT and data platform innovator AerNow today announced the launch of its proprietary operating system, CLOE, an all-new orchestration layer for integrating diverse data feeds into a unified content stream.

With CLOE, any content provider can unify video, audio and image content with feeds from IoT devices, news and social aggregators, metadata sources and other inputs and distribute this output to networks or endpoints in real time.

CLOE (Core Live Operating Ecosystem) brings unprecedented efficiency, flexibility and monetization potential to any content producer, especially those looking to stream or broadcast live content.

“Until CLOE, broadcast has been limited by the fragmented, costly infrastructure required to capture, process and distribute live content,” said Chris Dolan, AerNow co-founder and CEO. “As demand for video skyrockets, CLOE delivers a disruptive ‘glass to glass’ architecture that vastly simplifies workflows for onboarding, producing and distributing content to networks, platforms and devices.”

“Our roots in professional motorsports exposed us to the costs and limitations inherent in content sharing for most live events,” continued Erik Davis, AerNow Chairman and Founder. “We saw legacy approaches as bottlenecks blocking innovation and value. CLOE is our first step in a much bigger story transforming how content and data combines to create all-new experiences while delivering the power to evolve as data innovation continues to rise.”

AerNow is currently activating CLOE deployments for several eSports, motorsports, music and entertainment content providers looking to enhance and add value to audience experiences.

In partnership with leading global network providers, AerNow sees CLOE as a new standard for the integration and distribution of immersive content and the leading catalyst for elevating the business and entertainment value of integrated visual experiences.

ABOUT AERNOW: AerNow powers brands and content producers to create new value through innovative visual experiences. A unified platform for managing, distributing and monetizing live and on-demand content, AerNow lets creators and publishers activate audiences through immersive apps, integrated data and user-controlled viewing across web, mobile and set-top devices. With software and hardware spanning the entire “glass to glass” content capture, management and distribution process, AerNow provides an unprecedented unified solution that vastly simplifies and enhances the way visual content is created and consumed.

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