With our recent launch of AerNow.tv we introduced a “glass to glass” portfolio of products and services that enable video capture, management, distribution and monetization. For the first time, the full spectrum of video content management capabilities is available in one integrated place.

As veterans in the digital media industry, sometimes we take things for granted. We throw around a lot of acronyms and make a lot of assumptions. To simply say “glass to glass” without context only part of the story. Let’s unpack this story into its parts – its building blocks, so to speak – to make the journey understood.

Let’s begin with the video content as its captured and uploaded to the system. “Quality begets quality,” as the saying goes. This expression is clearly applicable in the digital media world. The source content, whether live or VOD, ultimately dictates the quality of the user experience. Therefore logic says that the more you optimize the source the better its contribution to the total experience.

This thinking is a cornerstone of AerNow and our Platform as a Service, acronymed as “PaaS.” Optimize the source and everything gets better. This was a core value when we acquired ReplayXD in 2014. Since then we have deepened our grasp of optics and developed the technology to make the onboarding of that video, which is typically stranded, a seamless and integral contribution point to the digital media value chain.

This work has deepened our capabilities for working with content from all sources, since our platform is, of course, source agnostic.

But a value chain is only a chain when the links are integrated and strong. What good is quality content if that quality can be compromised by the network? It’s critical that the network goes beyond transport and delivery: it must be content aware.

That means seeing the camera as more than a camera. It’s part of an integrated digital chain, with a lens. Optics are critical but equally important is the ability for the camera to participate increasingly as an integrated network device. That cornerstone of “glass to glass” gives a hint at how we’ll continue to dissolve the line between video contribution devices and the network, orchestrating them into a single service.

Add encoding, transcoding, storage, metadata: the list goes on and the interactions get exponentially more complex. That complexity has kept breakthroughs at bay over past years. Layer social media, data, editorial and…well, you get the picture. Making all of these pieces interact efficiently is one thing. Getting to “frictionless” is quite another. The genesis of the AerNow Core Live Operating Ecosystem (CLOE) was to make the operation and orchestration of all these pieces possible and unified as a single system, at scale.

The final, critically important, piece of the puzzle is creating compelling user experiences. The ways for consumers to experience content has grown exponentially, and we’re only beginning. Mobile devices, connected TVs, dongles, set-top boxes: the list goes on. It’s difficult to keep up with one let alone all of the options. That challenge explains why we took a programmatic approach to generating feeds from our OS: so those feeds can be displayed on any device through our universal rendering engine.

That means we can generate experiences in record time through our Universal App or activate native experiences while eliminating the heavy lifting typically associated with starting from scratch for every experience on every device.

Maybe this picture will help tell the story:

block diagramNEW
“Glass to glass” spans data input and management, automated content processing and content publishing across apps and devices, integrating operations and analytics throughout the process.

We have a long journey ahead and the only thing certain is constant change. Yet we’re at a solid start. With these tools and services as our foundation, we’ve built a platform for enabling ongoing change with minimal friction.

Our vision is for this to constantly expand the opportunities and streamline the process across the glass to glass ecosystem we’re creating for our clients, across the digital media market: always evolving.


Darcy Lorincz

Darcy Lorincz

CTO at AerNow
Darcy has been shaping the future of live broadcast and video innovation for decades. Now, as AerNow's CTO, he's turning a big dream into reality.
Darcy Lorincz