The Big (IoT) Bang

Oct 12, 2015By Chris DolanBlog Posts

30 billion IoT devices by 2020. That’s where most projections for connected devices shake out: we’ll be connected to, and through, around 4.25 IoT “things” per person on the planet … Read More

SEMA: Then and Now

Oct 8, 2015By John SparBlog Posts

Cars are core to our culture. Their beauty, performance, history, and how they express innovation and creativity: they’re an art form unto themselves.  When SEMAShow – the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, one … Read More

Healthy Innovation

Sep 28, 2015By Chris DolanBlog Posts

We talk about “live events and experiences,” and often also entertainment. The “entertainment” part is easy to understand. After all, “filmed content” alone will generate US$104.62 billion in value by … Read More

Worth 1,000² Words

Sep 24, 2015By Serge EbyBlog Posts

Take the train or subway to work and you’ll see what I see: riders packed tight on their morning commute, all “linked” to a bigger world through mobile devices, watching … Read More