This week we tried something new: an in-house “takeover” of our Instagram account focused on a hot topic: diversity.

The idea arose as talent in the entertainment industry and beyond spoke out on the upcoming Academy Awards. Their call: to celebrate “talent for talent’s sake,” free from barriers of race, gender, orientation, beliefs, ability, nationality, or privilege.

From our San Francisco offices – where the theme of diversity in tech echoes the Hollywood conversation – we admired the awareness raised by talent like Jada Smith, Chris Rock, and Viola Davis. Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs’ steps toward change also won our applause.

Their perspectives sparked a sense of serendipity. These Hollywood power players’ call for equality echoed our own vision for creating a platform where all talent shines equally, free of artificial filters and old ways of thinking about what the world wants to see.

Doing a takeover was harder than we thought. It inspired us to deepen our connection with the message. We made time to dig in, explore perspectives, challenge assumptions, get a sense of how pervasive this topic is. It got us talking as a team, which also opened up new insights.

Above all it strengthened our conviction in the work we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We’re winding down Friday feeling renewed and ready for all that’s ahead.

Disruption: such a cool thing. Deepening our awareness of this issue helped open our perspective and validate our commitment to democratizing the way people share video online, on mobile, and beyond. It’s something the world needs…and deserves.

As these turning point Awards approach, we’re working to deliver a place where anyone, anywhere can find their voice and channel the world.

Take a look and let us know what you think at

Ellen Leanse

Ellen Leanse

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