Proven success in network innovation, video monetization, sports and entertainment position the AerNow team to reimagine the impact and value of live and on-demand video experiences.


Chris Dolan

Chris Dolan
CEO / Co-Founder
Innovation architect. CEO and business catalyst with proven impact building market-leading technology and infrastructure companies. Experienced corporate strategist.

Darcy Lorincz

Darcy Lorincz
Digital media pioneer, innovator, category creator. Proven authority and innovator; creator of global engagement, scale and monetization for live events broadcast. Industry catalyst and change agent. 

Erik Davis

Erik Davis
Builder of large-scale value in insurance, motorsports and sports/entertainment innovation. Globally connected business driver, board member, hands-on leader. Innovation strategist and advisor. 

Dave Fisch

David Fisch
Forward-thinking digital media and advertising technology executive with deep roots in entertainment, video distribution, event strategy and business model innovation.


Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz
Entrepreneur, lawyer, investor and management executive with global experience building organizations through early-stage growth, mergers, IPO, acquisition and long-term value creation.

Jamie McGrath

Jamie McGrath
Experienced operations executive with proven impact leading corporate infrastructure, human resources, IT, governance and organizational excellence through all stages of growth.

John Spar

John Spar
EVP of Hardware Engineering
Innovation-driving product strategist, engineer and design thinker with groundbreaking impact in camera and imaging technology, manufacturing, hardware and IoT connectivity.


Tech innovators and action sports insiders, digital revolutionaries, proven business builders: our team has challenged assumptions for years. Now we’re bringing the entire glass-to-glass span of video capture, management, distribution and monetization and distribution to a single platform that changes the game for a world of content producers.

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Dan Romanelli
Entertainment Industry Strategist
Groundbreaking media executive and business model innovator. Creator of industry-leading retail and online concepts expanding partnerships and revenue generation for media brands.


Ellen Leanse
Technology Strategist
Digital pioneer, Apple and Google alum, innovation driver. Instructor, Stanford University; strategist, catalyst, movement builder. Respected strategist and advisor.


Scott Gillies
Live Event Strategist
Live event visionary. Expert in mobilizing technology innovation to expand, activate, and engage global audiences for brands and sports/entertainment franchises.