Today we shipped some ads for Replay XD and AerNow to a favorite motorsports series for use in their season print magazine.

It was a milestone I’ll remember: introducing all new innovation to a venerated tradition. It brought me back to the “why” behind the vision we’re building.

From the pits, the grandstand or behind the wheel, I’ve watched innovation transform racing, making it more thrilling, technical and relevant year over year.

Performance and safety innovation on the cars we watch on track help automobile manufacturers continually advance production cars in ways that benefit every driver. Look to the cars in Pirelli World Challenge, V8 Supercars, Blancpain GT or this weekend at Australia’s Bathurst 12 Hour and you’ll see hints of where the cars you’ll roll out of the showroom in the next few years are heading.

Drivers, too, are a new breed. Professional race car drivers have always held a celebrity mystique. Today they back that with the discipline once reserved for Olympians, befitting the rigor of the sport. They’re competitive athletes, with the fan following they deserve.

Yet, watching cars, teams, and even drivers sometimes win more attention than the events they raced, we saw an opportunity. What would it take to make the audience experience itself as innovative and thrilling as the machines and talent they came to watch?

The answer is innovation. And the question started a journey that’s led us to where we are now: a company on the verge of launching something new that changes the way audiences everywhere engage with motorsports – and much, much more.

As the 2016 motorsports season begins, it’s awesome to know this is the year when the fan experience will benefit from other forms of innovation, keeping pace with the excitement the cars and drivers deliver.

Our innovations will change motorsports, driving new fans to the sport with a new level of engagement and the ability to reach audiences anywhere – on their terms, where they want it and when they want it.

It will bring new value to all parties associated with motorsports: fans, venues, series, sponsors and advertisers. It’s time for technology, mobile-first and big data innovation to converge on motorsports, creating experiences like no other…and showcasing the best racing in history.

It’s going to be great to share this ride with motorsports fans (and any sports or entertainment enthusiast) as we gear up to “Channel The World.”

Erik Davis

Erik Davis

Founder at AerNow
Erik is AerNow's Founder and a founding member of Always Evolving Motorsports. Passionate about tech innovation, new models for entertainment and sports, and race cars.
Erik Davis

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