It is about time someone took on the dinosaurs in content rights marketplaces. The old buy once, exploit everywhere (or not) models are going away in favor of 21st Century digital distribution. The polar opposite of this current state is where every device might have different rights. Certainly linear and digital are separating quickly so the evolution has already begun. The discussion on why we still call this “digital” is a topic for another conversation.  Isn’t everything digital these days?

We all need to embrace the realities of distributed audience across platforms. The growth numbers do not lie, the tipping points are happening every day. In the technology driven OTT market we need to make this as frictionless as cable. “Here is my programming, present it to the eyeballs on your network.”

In cable and broadcast you bring your programming and rights to the operator and pay to deliver to the eyeballs that you want to reach…no tech speak and no complex ecosystem diagrams.  Why is OTT so complex?  It is because the providers are coming from an IT centric world where the brand, feature & function of the box and software are top of mind before the priority of the delivery.

When the streaming ecosystem providers finally get this “frictionless” story right we will see another market shift.  

Add in visibility to the consumer level versus some set of blind audience metrics and the value propositions will be easier to justify the bifurcation of rights that will make Infronts the standard, not the exception. Like the dinosaurs today’s providers and models are already becoming extinct. They just don’t know it yet.

Darcy Lorincz

Darcy Lorincz

CTO at AerNow
Darcy has been shaping the future of live broadcast and video innovation for decades. Now, as AerNow's CTO, he's turning a big dream into reality.
Darcy Lorincz