Online video revenue is due for a 20% or so leap this year. — Media Post, 12/3/2015

Forrester predicts online video ad spend will rise from 22.5% of online ad spend in 2014 to 53.8% in 2019. — Online Video Insider, 12/1/2015

Americans average 5.3 hours of leisure time per day (4.8 hours on weekdays and 6.5 hours on weekends and holidays) and over half that is spent in front of the television. — FiveThirtyEight Life, 06/14/2015

Live steaming of video has more than doubled year over year. Live content views increased 113% from Q2 to Q3 2015, continuing to drive industry growth. Ad and Video views each increased 28% YOY 2014 to 2015.  from Freewheel.TV’s Q3 2015 Video Monetization Report

In the past weeks we’ve sat in everything from boardrooms to grandstands to small local coffee shops, talking with people spanning the biggest media and entertainment companies to sports franchise owners to fresh thinkers incubating up-and-coming niche concepts.

Different as our conversation partners were, the actual conversations were remarkably consistent. Here’s what we heard:

  • Video content increasingly drives the way people engage with brands, talent, and myriad forms of information.
  • Accessing that content is increasingly mobile, non-linear, and on the viewers terms.
  • Content holders – large and small – are scrambling to find efficient, sustainable ways to bringing their libraries (not to mention future content) to those audiences in ways that support their business models and vision.
  • “One-offs” won’t cut it. The time, expense and risk of betting on a standalone solution leaves brands feeling vulnerable to all kinds of issues, from quality to scalability to the limitations of siloed data.

Meanwhile, as industry press is all but screaming this week, video consumption is at an all-time high, and the time we spend viewing it is growing.

The storyline isn’t complicated. “Demand” is skyrocketing. “Supply” is too. And everyone from the biggest star to the freshest first-steps dreamer wonders how to connect what they want to show with the growing hunger to view – in ways that ensure values on both ends of the equation.

We’re getting those meetings – and the ones that follow – because of our unique take on creating value across the video ecosystem, viewers included.

The old ways (and it’s surprising what passes for “old” these days) put a stronghold on the value that’s available in this ecosystem. They make it harder, more costly than it has to be, and more favorable to themselves than to the other parties in the mix. Disrupting that isn’t a small thing: I’m the first to say it’s audacious.

Unlocking a new way opens up big potential for everyone we’ve been talking to and learning from. The key is in thinking beyond the limitations of the current frameworks. Disruption, disintermediation, democratization – we don’t use those words as throwaways. We see them as core to our business model. Uber, Airbnb and other standout businesses have created incredible value by minimizing capital expenditures and leveraging existing infrastructure. Similarly, we’re challenging assumptions that have defined the video capture, distribution, and consumption ecosystem until this point.

As the numbers above show, the time is right to rattle some chains and unlock the doors. AerNow releases the potential that everyone from the biggest stages to the local arenas is looking to claim.

Chris Dolan

Chris Dolan

CEO / Co-Founder at AerNow
Chris is CEO / Co-Founder of AerNow, a proven entrepreneur, and an avid fan of motorsports and live entertainment.
Chris Dolan

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