Last night we put ourselves to the test on a pretty bold level.

Early stage companies often take risks on “proofs of concept” and this was more than a proof of concept. It was high-stakes and hit or miss in a no-turning-back sort of way. And it was a test we had to go through to prove that we could: that this thing we’ve been working on and hinting at over the last months was actually doable.

It was audacious, groundbreaking and more than a little disruptive.

And it worked.

Actually, it more than worked. The hard work and vision of our team and several others came together. The dedication paid off.

This is only the beginning. Of course any test like this reveals ways to get better, and we will. Still, the partners in the room – and around the world – and the rising talent who shone for this first attempt all saw something happen that hasn’t happened before.

We want to share more, and soon we will. But for now: it worked. That was awesome.

Chris Dolan

Chris Dolan

CEO / Co-Founder at AerNow
Chris is CEO / Co-Founder of AerNow, a proven entrepreneur, and an avid fan of motorsports and live entertainment.
Chris Dolan

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